John F. Kennedy lunched on Lincoln Woods Inn’s expensive fare in 1960

Stephen H. Smith supplied this portion of a 1960s daily insert menu from The Lincoln Woods Inn. The eatery stood back from East Market across from the York County Shopping Center. It is known as Fat Daddy’s today. Smith contrasted the prices on the menus versus the fact that nearby Gino’s was selling hamburgers for 15 cents each.  In 1960, it has a famous visitor, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. Also of interest: JFK joined TR as U.S. presidents who visited YF.

Stephen H. Smith is looking for photographs of children waving to John F. Kennedy’s motorcade as it passed North Hills Elementary School on its way to the York Fair in 1960.

How Kennedy came to roll by the school is explained in Smith’s narrative of that day when the future president came to town on a campaign visit:

“I received my eBay purchase of this 1960s menu from the Lincoln Woods Inn the day following my response to Joan Concilio’s recent blog Only in York concerning a Jim Goodling photo of the Gulf Service Station with the North Hills Elementary School in the background. These two seemingly unrelated items caused me to reminiscence and do a little research.

“The Lincoln Woods Inn was originally a horse stable for the nearby horse race track owned by Mahlon Haines. I discovered that the stable was converted into The Lincoln Woods Supper Club about 1953 and then became the Lincoln Woods Inn about 1956. Senator John F. Kennedy stopped at the Lincoln Woods Inn for lunch on September 16, 1960 between campaign stops in Lancaster Square and the York Fairgrounds. The Lowell Sun reported in their September 19, 1960 issue, ‘Kennedy asked to see Richard F. Griffith the enterprising man who built the place from an old stable in the woods along Lincoln highway. “If everybody did his job as well as you did, this country would be in lots better shape,” Kennedy said to him with great warmth.’  ”

“Here is the connection with North Hills Elementary School. After the lunch stop, Kennedy’s motorcade preceded onto the two-lane Whiteford Road, which becomes Arsenal Road; eventually arriving at the Fairgrounds. I was in 5th grade at North Hills Elementary School at the time; the teachers had all the students lined up single file along the Whiteford Road side of the school grounds to wave as the motorcade passed by. I wonder if any photographs of the children waving to the motorcade exist?”

John F. Kennedy meets his adoring public. This photograph was reportedly taken at the Lincoln Woods Inn.

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This working list details presidential visits to York/Adams counties.

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6 Responses to John F. Kennedy lunched on Lincoln Woods Inn’s expensive fare in 1960

  1. Stephen H. Smith says:

    The picture of JFK reportedly taken at the Lincoln Woods Inn may be the photo that my Aunt Julia mentioned something about. One of the waitresses at the Lincoln Woods Inn evidently went to her hairdresser and bragged that she was in a photo with John F. Kennedy. It was supposedly a photo of several of the waitresses at the Lincoln Woods Inn looking out through a window as Kennedy was leaving. I wonder if any readers of this blog can identify any of the women in the photo?

    • Jim McClure says:

      Stephen, That’s a file photo we’ve had around for about 10 years. I believe Art Geiselman took that./Jim

      • Stephen H. Smith says:

        The picture of Kennedy at the Lincoln Woods Inn has been bugging me. The more I thought about it, I remembered copying it for my Aunt Julia many years ago. I remembered the circumstances once I looked in my folder for the year 1971. During 1971, I had a summer job in the office where my Aunt Julia worked along Whiteford Road. Julia asked if I knew how to look up and copy pictures from old issues of newspapers. At the time I believe that the Martin Memorial Library had a microfilm copier and microfilms of old newspapers. I copied the picture that Julia wanted; to take to her hairdresser, to put up on the wall for another customer. I made a copy for myself and dropped it into the year 1971 folder. I should have dropped it into the year 1960 folder because I noted where it was copied from on the back. The photo that I copied is exactly the photo shown above. The photo is on page 3 of the September 19, 1960 issue of The Gazette and Daily. The credit for the photo is “Photo by The Gazette and Daily.” The caption states “WAITRESSES GREET KENNEDY – Sen. John F. Kennedy knocks on a window at Lincoln Woods inn in response to a greeting by waitresses there. Kennedy stopped at the inn to eat and rest Friday prior to his appearance at York Inter-State fair.”

    • Patricia Ilgenfritz Manogg says:

      My name is Pat Manogg. Born and raised in York. Now live in Philadelphia area. I just saw this post about the waitresses online. One of those waitresses is my mother who worked for the Lincoln Woods for many years. She is the fourth one in from Kennedy. His hand looks like its touching her arm. Her name is Rosella Sheffer Ilgenfritz. I did know the other ladies by first name only but they were friends. I can’t remember their names. I have this same picture in an album. It was one she cut out of the paper. I believe the owner of the Inn at that time was a man they called “Griff”. Wish I could help with names of the other waitresses…

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