What was the name of the eatery in the alley behind York’s Central Market?

The old Ramona restaurant on North George Street came up in a recent email exchange over the identity of a downtown cafeteria. So this created an opportunity for sharing  several photographs that related to that noted eatery. Here, Bill Schintz captures the 1960s band The Del-Chords at a reunion. Bill Schintz e-mailed this note several years ago: ‘Every time a member of The Del-Chords would show up at the Ramona Restaurant, all the girls would go bananas. When Cheeks Schlosser would drive up in his classic MG-TD wearing his Cuda jacket, blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and penny loafers, girls would go nuts. This was unfair for all the other teenage boys in town.’ Also of interest: The 1950s, 1960s: The greatest time to grow up in York, Pa..

Gregg Aughbaugh, a 1963 graduate of York High, emailed with query.

What was the name of the cafeteria on the alley behind the Central Market?

The sign reading ‘Open Day and Night’ hangs over the old Ramona Restaurant’s entry. The old building was being remodeled to become Fisher’s in 2004.

When old Hannah Penn Junior High had a lunch break, he would walk to the cafeteria, have a quick lunch, get a Maple Donut for 5 cents at the market and then walk across to the parlor of Heidelberg United Church of Christ where he would study. He then walked back to his school.

I asked York Sunday News’ columnist Gordon Freireich about this:

“I went through the 1957 Polk Directory and could find no listing for a cafeteria on Clark Avenue (street behind Central Market) or the first block on N. Beaver Street.

“I did find that the Golden Glow Cafeteria was located at 38 N. George St. (not N. Beaver Street).

“The Ramona ( a popular restaurant) was across the street at 19 N. George St.

“Wondering if one of those is the place he is remembering.”

Those with long memories, any help on this? Please comment below.

Bridget Schell of North York looks at articles about the Ramona Restaurant with B. Derek Shaw of York at Bistro 19 in a 2011 walking tour. Ramona Restaurant occupied the space where Bistro 19 is today.

*York Daily Record/Sunday News file photos

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10 Responses to What was the name of the eatery in the alley behind York’s Central Market?

  1. terrence downs says:

    Les’ Cafeteria was just south of Central Market House where Mudhook sits today.

  2. Blake Stough says:

    In the 1962 edition of Polk’s York City Directory is a listing for Susies Luncheonette at 35-37 North Beaver Street. While not on Clark Avenue, this eatery is very near and could be the one Gregg remembers.

  3. Bill Landes says:

    The cafeteria was Les’s like Terrence said—attached to Central Market, just south. He was there as recently as 1972 and later moved into the old Golden Glow. Les was known for his bowtie–with his pies he made me the man I am today(200lbs plus).
    Ramona was always the go to spot, breakfast 24 hrs a day. I think the same family now runs the Colonial Coffee shop.

    • Gregg W Aughenbaugh says:

      Yes, Les is the name my wife and I were trying to remember. My cousin Marcia Smyser came up with the name also, as I did at about the same moment.

    • Jim McClure says:

      Someone asked over at FB whether it was Lester’s rather than Les’s. But consensus in all the comments is that it was Les’s./Jim

  4. Gregg W Aughenbaugh says:

    Did my previous reply post? I got another CAPTCHA Code.

  5. Terry Zellers says:

    Les’s for sure I ate there many times after leaving market with my parents. Wonderful place and fantastic food.

  6. Mike Mihm says:

    It hardly matters at this point, but the Ramona Restaurant was at 25 N. George St., not 19 (now the former Bistro 19). It was on the corner of the alley, totally gone now and replaced by the new Courthouse. Many thing may be getting fuzzy, but I am crystal clear on this! I also ate at the Golden Glow, and Les’s.

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