Lake Lehman property as a York County park? ‘I want the Lake Club back’

lehmanThe Lake Club in North Codorus Township, once popular home to sunbathers in southwestern York County, Pa., and beyond for years might become part of York County’s Park System. Also of interest: Private, public interests built Lake Marburg for manufacturing, recreation.

Ah, the Lake Club. One of those icons from York County’s past.

Amanda Wolf’s comment on YDR’s Facebook page (see other comments below) captures the memories the club and its Lake Lehman: “I want the Lake Club back!! I would love to take my kids there and tell them about all the fun times Mommy had there while growing up. I wonder if those creepy old cabins are still down at the end, does anyone remember those?”

The Lake Club property might be back, but in a different form. It’s one of those icons of York County’s past that is no longer sustainable and won’t come back as it was.  But it can be adapted, reused and reopened. It will just be different.

Glatfelter, owner of the property, is seeking to give the land to York County for a park. It’s done that before. (Ever been to Apollo Park?) The dam, which has its problems, might be breeched so those days of swimming might be past.

But some of those hiking trails might come back, if it becomes a county park.

Here’s something that I don’t quite understand.

Justine Messersmith Ehrman’s and others expressed the sentiment that here’s not another option: “Spent many summers hanging with friends. Learned to swim, canoe and dive off a diving board here. Wish there was a place like that for my kids now. They would love it!!”

Codorus State Park has a major swimming pool, and it’s not far away. In fact, it’s part of a complex that was built around another lake – like Lehman – built as a Glatfelter water-supply: Lake Marburg.

All this goes to show what a major community player and shaper Glatfelter has been – and is – in York County and beyond.

-lehman-2The spillway area of the Lake Lehman impoundment.



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2 Responses to Lake Lehman property as a York County park? ‘I want the Lake Club back’

  1. Kelly Brooks says:

    I spent my childhood and teenage summers at the Lake Club. Some of the best memories of my life are from times spent at the club. My husband and I were members with our kids when they were small – until it closed. This place was a treasure where people actually interacted with family and friends. I know my whole family will never forget all the great times!

  2. Lanie Schrum Flemmens says:

    My husband and I both worked at the Lake Club during high school. He was a lifeguard and I worked in the snack bar. I’m not sure which of us had the better job at the lake (although, he never performed a rescue, and I served countless hamburgers and hot dogs…you be the judge!) but we agree that working at the Lake Club was the best job we could have had. The Lake Club drew a small sampling of people from surrounding communities. It was intimate and picturesque and it provided slow and peaceful entertainment for families and friends. While the days spent at the Lake Club were just brief moments in time, they linger in our memories of times past when the days were long and life was simple; shuffleboard was actually fun at the Lake Club! The idea of a community park on the former site offers hope for future enjoyment for the public and opportunities for memory building. I hope to see it to fruition.

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