Answers to common questions about York County history:

1. How do I find a newspaper wedding notice, say, from 1938?

A. Visit: Availability of York County-based microfilm an oft-asked question.

2. How do I find information about an old York framemaker or furnituremaker or … ?

A. Visit: How to start researching York/Adams history, artifacts.

3. I have just moved into a new home. How do I find if it’s historic?

A. Visit: York City directory serves as first step in finding history of a house

4. I’m curious about how my York County town got its name.

A. Visit: York County’s Pinchgut v. The Gut.

5. What is the difference between the York County Heritage Trust and Historic York?

A. Where do you go for one-stop queries about York County, Pa., history?

6.I have questions about search for names and places and topics about York County. Who is accessible for me to dialogue with?

A. You may contact the following students of York County history via their blogs: June Lloyd’s Universal York, Stephen H. Smith’s YorksPast, Joan Concilio’s Only in York County, Scott Mingus’ Cannonball and Blake Stough, Preserving York. Of course, include me in this group, too: jem@ydr.com. These blogs cover a lot of history, and the writers respond to comments on their blogs and email queries.

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