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 York County/regional history resources

The rich history of York County, Pa., is preserved and documented by numerous local organizations and Web sites (which often point to their museums). Check out this list.

If you have a historical group or Web site you’d like us to list in this directory, e-mail the York Daily Record/Sunday News Web site staff at web@ydr.com.



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  1. karen a yox says:

    would love to see more pics if southern york co. re: Delta, airville, peach bottom, Cardiff Md.. please share.. thanks!

  2. Can you tell em when the under ground rest rooms were built in York City Square

  3. Lisa Heuvel says:

    Hello, I am seeking information on 19th-century physician-politician Dr. William McIlvain(e) and his family. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Jim McClure says:

      Lisa, You either need to email or call the York County Heritage Trust to see what is in its archives. There might be a McIlvain family file, for example. Or city directories showing where he resided or practices. That’s where I’d start: http://www.yorkheritage.org. I’ll also put your query on this blog./Jim

  4. Angelee Zech says:

    Dear Mr. McClure, I was a resident of the Children’s Home at the corner of Pine and Philadelphia streets during the 1960’s. After 47 years, I am blessed to re-connect with three ladies who were my room mates and honorary Sisters during troubled times. On a recent reunion we reminisced about an Easter Seals drive in which we all participated. All of the children housed in the Children’s Home at that time were assembled on the front steps of the “Big House”, as we called it, and our picture was taken and published in the paper, announcing our pending door-to-door charity drive. Would you please consider helping me with direction as to how I can get a copy of that picture! I promised my Big House Sisters that I would try to obtain a copy for them. Thank you ever so kindly, Angelee Crouse Zech

    • Jim McClure says:

      Angelee, Your story is so good, I’ve made sure our city desk knows about it. There are really only two routes to take to retrieve that photograph. One is to check out the Children’s Home file at the York County Heritage Trust archives. There might also be an accompanying photo file. The other is to scroll through microfilm of The Gazette and Daily and the York Dispatch at the Trust’s archives. If you can narrow down the date, there would be less scrolling! That’s what I would do. Happy hunting./Jim

  5. Deborah Eck says:

    Dear Mr. McClure, I’m doing a geneology of my family from Wales that settled in Delta/Peach Bottom area. I’m soon going to start my research at the Historical Society but was wondering if there were any people in particular that I should contact.
    I never read anything about the Welsh that settled in the area although they were an important part of York County due to the slate mining done by them. My ancestors came here before 1865 so I have quite a history with York County. Thank you.

  6. Diane Smith says:

    Dear Mr. McClure, Do you know of a song called “York County Hills I Love You”
    This was told to me by a 97 Year old lady. She can’t remember the words, but remembers singing it when she was young. Can you tell me all the words or let me know where I can get them. Thank you, Diane

  7. Mary Boldt says:

    My mother sang that song with the York Chorus. It starts out, “York County Hills, I love you! Born in these hills was I!” I will try to find the rest of the words if I know that someone is actually reading this message five months after the question was posed. (Sorry, I just read the question for the first time tonight.)

    • Jim McClure says:

      Mary, I am reading this 5 minutes after you wrote it, so please do send in the rest of the words. I’ll also email them to Diane Smith to make sure she sees them! Thanks so much!/Jim

  8. I grew up across from Cold Springs Park in Manchester, PA. & would love to find some pictures of how the park looked in the 20s, 30s, & 40s The road I lived on was referred to as the “Trolley Road” and later “Park Street”. There was an enclosed pavilion where, among other events, was an organization, possibly Masons, had their annual Turtle Feed gathering. My folks cleaned up after various events and we would find a large turtle shell after that gathering. York city people would come out on the trolley to picnic at this location in the 20s through 30’s or longer. Many family reunions or company picnics also took place at CSP over the years. Great baseball games had been held there in the earlier years. There was an enormous open-sided pavilion also with a stage & locked storage with, I believe, a piano inside–if my memory serves me well. I do not know when it was built. There was a third structure which was small and appeared to be a refreshment stand. I believe the trolley line continued on down to “beach” where the city residents could cool off with a quick dip in the Conewago Creek. I am so hoping there are pictures available of this wonderful park.
    I have lived 46 years in Northern Minnesota & the memories of this park still warm my heart. The stories I know were shared by my deceased parents–Lawrence & Mildred Rhodes, along with memories of my 4 siblings & I playing there as children. Thank you for your time & assistance.

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