The Surrender and other big York controversies

If you can’t disagree about history, what good is it?

Seriously, York countians love their history, and they often have their story and they stick to it.

So, here are a few controversies. See where you fall.

York: ‘The first capital of the United States?’
Pro/Con: Should York’s leaders have surrendered to the rebels?
Did York’s Thanksgiving proclamation indeed create America’s first Thanksgiving?
Can York’s longtime claim as ‘Detroit of the East’ be proven?
In search of proof that York Fair is nation’s oldest
Why would Yorkers applaud a rebel who invade their county?
Is York County’s Lauxmont pronounced Loucks-mont or Low-mont? (This is a fun one, although not easily resolved)
York should have lost rebel Gen. John B. Gordon and his ‘Last Days of Confederacy’ talk.
Tough questions for York countians about John Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid.