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Check out the’s local history page, loaded with stories and photographs explaining York County history, from York Daily Record/Sunday New files and James McClure’s various publications.

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  1. Ray Knight says:

    no reply just looking for some info on an old company called Stewartstown furniture company have just received some furniture made by them and am trying to get info on it but cant seem to locate any. any help at all would be nice if you know anything about it thank you much Ray

    • Mike Henry says:

      Regarding Stewartstown Furniture: I work with someone who has family connections to a furniture manufacturing business in York County. He said that southern York County was probably the largest furniture manufacturing area in the country immediately after WW2. There were numerous factories in Glen Rock, Railroad, Stewartstown, Red Lion and other towns. They mostly produced ‘modern’ style furniture at an affordable price for returning servicemen to furnish their new homes with. The furniture was often mahogany with a painted and glazed finish. Stewartstown Furniture most likely produced furniture from the mid 1940’s to the mid 1960’s when the small shops in York County were put out of business by larger, more modern factories in the Hickory, NC area.

    • We have info on the factory.

  2. s. sneeringer says:

    nice comments on york’s history but you have anything from the early 30’s through 1960’s. my mom owned and operated the news stand in the old train station that was on North St. . i had a neighbor that use to live 3 doors down the street from me that use to talk bout how they had lights that plugged in the front of the house’s to shine on their car’s at night.. was just curious on what you had on such stuff

  3. dennis leedy says:

    I’m looking for the history of the battle of the bands York used to have,,,particulary when AURA won,, I’m thinking 1980 to 1982????///

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