Sunday columns

York Sunday News columns

Some of my posts end up in the York Sunday News’ Viewpoints section. Others become York Daily Record/Sunday News editorials.

It’s called repurposing content, and their appearance in the newspaper is an example of digital-first, print-later journalistic thinking.

Here are a sampling of blog posts, with additional content and rewriting, that became columns:

- Hex Murder a spooky bit of York County’s past.

- Covering the storm, Hurricane Sandy.

- Red Lion, Pa.: When bad things happen to good towns

- On the (non-Mafia) Amish and megachurches

- Of horses and historians

- Why would Yorkers applaud a rebel who invade their county?

- Scaling the heights of York’s history: Smokestacks are indicators of change in York’s industrial picture.

- If we value our York County heritage, we’ll save buildings

- Prisoner of war camps in York County – 2, 3 or 4?

- Focusing on women’s roles in the Civil War

- York countians: Prime time to score an ‘A’ in Civil War history

- The Glattfelder family has deep roots in York County.

- York minister became worldwide manufacturer.

- York late in getting library, college. How has this tardiness shaped York?

- Quiet Arles Park teaches active lessons about York, Pa.

- Let’s truly celebrate York’s 275th anniversary

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