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7 more history quizzes to test your York smarts

It’s interesting how quickly we forget those who have built this community. I regularly put up photographs of these achievers on YDR’s Facebook page. Sometimes, the people of accomplishment receive little recognition. You can tell by the low number of likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Still, it’s important for us to know these greats, so we’ll keep telling their stories on Facebook and on this blog.

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York County, Pa., history mystery: ‘No one can identify this building’

This photograph show the Anderson/Ramsey Auto Company, whereabout unknown. Doug Winemiller of the Stewartstown Historical Society said Anderson and Ramsey operated a Buick dealership in Stewartstown starting in 1921. It is believed that Anderson and Ramsey ran dealerships in Delta and Stewartstown. Here’s the history mystery: ‘No one can identify this building,’ Doug wrote in an email. Does it say: ‘York Penna.’?

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