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‘FOE’ Civil War exhibit lives to fight another day in York, Pa.

You might call this the largest cardboard recycling project ever in York County. It means Wayne White’s ‘FOE’ exhibit will live to fight another day. York College of Pennsylvania students carried the dismantled cardboard-and-wood exhibit or installation from MarketView Arts on West Philadelphia Street to LSC Design on North George. The exhibit by the noted White showed everyday life for the two days that the Confederate Army occupied York in late-June 1863. The exhibit ended, and its figures will reside in storage at LSC for display at yet undetermined places in York County.

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‘FOE’ in old F.O.E. lodge is no foe of York, Pa.

Confederate Gen. Jubal Early greets recent opening night attendees at an installation by Wayne White titled ‘FOE.’ The exhibit was part of what White described as a ‘three-ring circus’ that included the downtown installation, a lecture at sponsor York College of Pennsylvania and a retrospective exhibit on campus. ‘FOE’ will be open to the public through May 20.

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