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  1. Diane Strickhouser says:

    We were having a disscusion about the Deb shop downtown York Pa. . We know it was on Market street but my husband and myself remember it being on Beaver St. just past the Bon Ton on the same side of the street Are we correct on this .Could you help or do you know who can? Thanks for your Time! Diane

  2. Jim McClure says:

    Diane, I posted it here: http://www.yorkblog.com/yorktownsquare/2013/02/19/linked-in-4/. Maybe that will get some response. Columnist Gordon Freireich remembers it on Market Street as well. I’ll post on Facebook, too, to see if anyone remembers./Jim

    • Jim McClure says:

      I posted your query over at Preserving York’s FB page and got this immediate response helpful info:
      – Brett Wisotzkey I never even knew they had a place downtown.
      – Kelly Adams It was on the other side of Market Street from the Bon Ton – between George and Beaver. I recall that it was almost directly across from Trinity Church.
      – Dixie Miller Smith used to shop there, up the street from Jacks?
      – Ted Schaefer She said she knows it was on Market St. where we remember it from, but apparently she thinks it was on Beaver St. before that. I don’t remember it being anywhere except the north side of W. Market in the first block.

      Linda Kay Morningstar Heckert Nope, it was never on Beaver Street…..it was right where Kelly Adams says it was!! First block of W. Market Street – 39 W. Market Streeet, to be exact!! It never moved from that location….loved that store and still have my Deb Shop Lamppost pin!!

  3. Linda Hickman says:

    How do I find out when my York upright piano was mfg.? The number on the soundboard is 53891. Bought this piano (second hand) in 1966 and it still makes beautiful music. The soundboard is by Wessell, Nickel & Gross.

  4. Trish says:

    Im doing a people search for someone that went by the name of Hank and possibly had reddish hair from the York/red lion area in the early 1970’s. I’m adopted and in much need of my medical information. If anyone has any information please call 243-5868.

  5. jeff freedman says:

    Picture in Thursday paper is Playland Pool looking from Market St toward Eastern Blvd. The building in the center back was apartments for longer stays at the motel.

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